Publishing Scientific Articles and Obtaining Research Funding

Dr. Bruce L. Pihlstrom, DDS, MS

Learn about some basic factors involved in publication of scientific articles and obtaining research funding.

1. Describe why it is important to determine to match the journal and the type of article that is being submitted for publication.

2. Understand and describe:

  • The role of scientific journal editors
  • Peer review and how to respond to peer review comments
  • The final acceptance process, copy editing and final approval for publication

3. Understand and describe the ways in which funding for clinical research can be obtained.

4. Understand and describe:

  • The differences in the various types of agencies or organizations that fund research
  • Why funding agencies support research for different reasons
  • Differences between research grants and research contracts
  • How peer review is conducted of funding applications
  • What factors are involved in decisions to fund research by various funding agencies